Hot And Cold Water Systems

ETGB can design and install a complete hot and cold water system for your home or business or we can repair, maintain or upgrade your existing one.  From putting in a new shower or water tank to complete installations in large or small commercial organisations, we are the people you should be talking to.

Hot and cold water systems require specialist knowledge.  The type of system will be completely customised to fit each property depending on your requirements, allowing for the most economically efficient system.

You can be confident that ETGB will meet the requirements of all current legislation and health and safety when designing, installing and maintaining hot and cold water services as well as the pipework.

Cold water storage cisterns can be susceptible to invasions of dirt and debris that can lead to bacteria build-up, and non-insulated pipework can mean frozen pipes, bursts and leaks. ETGB offers preventative measures as well as repairs should such incidents occur.

Talk to ETGB today if you are looking for greater overall efficiency from your hot and cold water systems or if you have any concerns which we can help with.

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