Ventilation And Air Conditioning

ETGB supplies and installs a wide range of air-conditioning systems and ventilation solutions for homes, businesses, retail and public-sector organisations.

But which one is right for you?

Air conditioning explained

An air conditioning system does not use any external source to cool or heat a room. It takes the air from inside a space and will heat it or cool it, depending on the setting you choose, and then it recycles the same air back into the room.

The specialist team at ETGB is highly experienced at fitting bespoke air conditioning systems to a wide variety of properties.  You’ll be advised on the best system for your needs as well as your supply and installation requirements. By working alongside you, we establish the best design solution to suit your budget.

Ventilation systems explained

A ventilation system can help purify the air inside a space as well as cooling the room down. It works by removing the air inside the room and adding in either warmed air from outside or cooled air from outside. Depending on the weather externally, this process will improve air quality as well as keep the room warm or cool.

Whether it’s a domestic ventilation system for your home or commercial air handling and ventilation supplies for large commercial spaces, we will walk you through your options to ensure you get a system that works for you.

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