Servicing & Maintenance

Heating and plumbing systems going on the blink is a scenario no home or business wants to experience. That’s why ETGB offers expert servicing and maintenance of both – from a small boiler repair to a complete plumbing system overhaul.

Keeping every single piece of your equipment in a good state of repair is essential and we provide top-to-toe system maintenance and servicing for heating and plumbing equipment including boilers, burners, warm air heaters, commercial and industrial boilers and heaters, oil tanks, heating cabinets, commercial catering equipment, pumps, piping and radiators.

Benefits of regular maintenance of your plumbing and heating system from ETGB:

Our maintenance team is happy to talk you through all of the above and demystify anything requiring clarity. As well as providing assistance with any other systems or equipment issues encountered during the maintenance itself.

So whether domestic or commercial, if you need an expert in heating or plumbing maintenance, get in touch with ETGB today so that we can take you through the full range of maintenance and servicing that we offer and deliver the right package for you.

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