Network Design

A network enables everyone within a business to stay connected and be online so that information and applications can be shared and easily accessed by all. It allows you to talk to your customers and to stakeholders.  A network is more of a necessity rather than a luxury nowadays and ETGB offers budget advice, cost planning and feasibility solutions while highlighting all the network design options that are open to you prior to installation.

How does it work?

A network operates by connecting computers using switches and routers. They allow the devices connected to your network to talk to one another and to other networks.

Switches connect multiple devices on the same network. This means that computers, printers and servers can communicate and share information while creating a network of shared resources at the same time.

Routers tie multiple networks together. You can use one to connect your networked computers to the Internet on the same shared connection but they can also give certain computers priority over others. The router finds the best route for your information to travel down so that you receive it quickly.

Routers also analyse the data being sent over a network and can modify it so that it can travel over a different type of network. They also protect your information from security threats, and some include Firewall and IP Phone network capabilities.

The benefits of a network

ETGB will help you invest in the right network for you and your business and consult with you on the most cost-effective design and development plan. Should your network needs grow and change, you can always add features and functionality in the future. 

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