Heat Pumps

ETGB specialises in the integration of renewable energy heating systems, offering a complete design and supply service for heat pumps.

As a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accredited company, we know that the details matter when it comes to renewable energy sources for your home.

Heat pumps for underfloor heating

Heat pumps for underfloor heating can potentially lead to reduced fuel bills and a lower carbon footprint for the building. This can be particularly effective in properties where a mains gas supply is not present. A well-designed system will transfer more energy into the property than it takes to extract it from the source.

Heat pumps extract energy from a source and convert it into heat, this source is solar energy naturally found stored in the ground or in the air. Properties installed with a heat pump are then able to use this energy for heating and hot water.

There are many renewable energy sources available and heat pumps are a good alternative to these. Low running costs, minimal maintenance and good efficiency make them an excellent source of energy for your property. In a well maintained and insulated property, every KW hour of electricity used to power the heat pump with return an average of three KW hours in thermal energy. This makes a heat pump far more efficient than a traditional boiler.

Some things to consider with your property before installing a heat pump:

How much space do you have?

Ground source heat pumps need a fairly large amount of land for installation. Air source heat pumps require much less space and would work well in a built-up area.

Is your property insulated enough?

In order for a heat pump to work at its maximum efficiency, your property needs to be well insulated to current building regulation standards.

Do you have access to mains supply gas?

A heat pump can put out up to 3 times more energy than it takes to run it, making it a good alternative where gas is not available. It is also more cost-effective than electricity ran heat sources.

Underfloor heating

If you are considering installing a heat pump, generally underfloor heating is the most popular choice. This is because it works at a lower temperature than a traditional wall mounted radiator systems. Heat pumps operate best at a lower temperature and are therefore well suited to underfloor heating.


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